What makes TLC Unique:

TLC remains one of the only student exchange organizations in the industry who knows each and every one of their students personally. Unlike other organizations, our group size is limited, therefore creating a hand tailored exchange opportunity for both students and host families. Our students and families are our number one priority. Our philosophy is to provide the best and most rich exchange possible, creating international relationships to last a lifetime.

Our staff:

TLC is made up of a group of dedicated and experienced staff who work tirelessly to create extraordinary exchange opportunities. Ainara Aresti and Lauren Salvemini, program directors form a perfect synergy. Ainara, who was born and raised in Northern Spain and spent 2 years in an American High School and Lauren, originally from Connecticut, USA and currently lives in Northern Spain have first hand experience of what a complete and utterly seamless transition into another culture should feel like and what steps need to be in place for this to happen.
where our students come from
TLC students live in the Basque Country, a region at the north of Spain, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and France. It is defined formally as an autonomous community of three provinces within Spain, and culturally including a fourth province and a small portion of France. Basque Country is known for its fresh fish, dramatic landscape , sandy beaches and most importantly for its kind-hearted people.

For more information click here Basque Country.
What is Hosting
As a host family you are offering an international student a safe place to stay, nourishing food, and supervision. You are helping promote world peace and understanding. In an age when the United States is undisputed as a major world power, it is important for people of other countries and cultures to understand us as individuals. Student exchange is a very effective way to do this. You aren't just any family - you are representing your community and your country. From this time forward, your student and his/her family, will think of you as the American family by which all others are measured. Accepting a teenager, whom you have never met before, as a member of your family will require patience, a sense of humor, and sometimes a firm hand. You may find the hosting experience to be quite different than what you expected. Whatever your experience turns out to be in most all cases, host families find it to be exceptionally rewarding.
We developed a student exchange program based on the needs of our students and host families, providing a culturally rich immersion. Based on the fact that we work with such a small group of students and families, we are able to tailor the program to fit the needs of both students and host families. Unlike other cultural exchange programs, we know each one of our students on a personal basis, as they attend our English academy, Bilbao College. Given the importance of global relations in today´s society, sharing cultural commonalities and differences can be very beneficial. For this reason, we believe our student exchange program will benefit the community just as much as it will our students.
There is no “typical” TLC host family. Regardless of the size of your family, you can volunteer to host a TLC international student. As a TLC Host Family, we ask that you provide:
  • A safe and nurturing environment
  • A private or shared bedroom (with a host sibling of the same gender)
  • Three meals a day
  • Necessary transportation

Your international student’s parents will pay for all travel costs, program fees and health insurance. They will also provide your student with a spending allowance used for social activities and other expenses
For some families, hosting an exchange student adds an exciting new dynamic to their family life, others love the new perspectives that students infuse into their homes and communities. TLC offers the option of full day excursions for host families at special rates.

You will:
  • Introduce your family to a new culture and language
  • Grow closer as a family as you help your international student to learn about your town and area
  • Practice hospitality and generosity with your own family
  • Support diversity and cross-cultural understanding in your own home
  • Increase cultural awareness in your community
  • Create an international friendship that lasts a lifetime
international students
Summer in USA (ages 12-17)
New England, Connecticut, CT
Did you know that New England is a region within the United States, formed by the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, and got its name from the British explorers who first established settlements there in 1620? Connecticut is one of the most symbollic states in the U.S.
Located in the heart of New England, it is a privileged state, popular for its good pronunciation. Under the influence of the British empire, it was in this region where the first literature and philosophy books were born in the USA. It is one of the regions with the highest level of academia, having some of the most prestigious universities in the USA, such as Harvard, Yale and MIT.
It offers luxurious resorts in Newport, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard and Portsmouth. New England is highly sought out by vacationers in summertime due to its mild temperatures (72 F on average), beaches, breathtaking landscapes, gorgeous lakes, numerous rivers and lush forests.
Summer in USA (ages 12-17)
Host families
The main aim of this program is to offer students the possibility of connecting with other cultures and backgrounds while promoting personal growth and a global view. This experience will provide students with a solid base in which to become competitive members of the workforce worldwide.
Our host families are located in small communities so that we have easy access to all individuals in our group. It is very important that our students are totally engaged in the experience and open to the culture and traditions that their new environment will expose them to.
spring break in spain
Customized Spring Break Cultural Immersion Programs
TLC´s dedicated team of experts pride themselves on the customization of Spring Break trips for American middle or high schoolers. We organize spring break trips for groups of any size. Groups have a choice of a 5 to 10 day trip to Northern Spain, with stops in San Sebastian, Bilbao and Gernika to name a few. A trip to be remembered forever.
What is includes
  • Airfare
  • Hotel Stay
  • Meals
  • Full Medical and Travel Insurance
  • Pick up and drop off at airport
  • Sightseeing Tour of the following cities: Bilbao, Gernika, San Sebastian, Mundaka and Lekeitio.
  • Package also includes TLC T-shirt.
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Lauren Salvemini tlc.lauren@yahoo.com
Ainara Aresti tlcainara@yahoo.com

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