Who We Are

Bilbao College is a liberal arts institution with emphasis on the teaching of Modern Languages, English and Spanish being the flagships of the college’s academic programs. Our faculty has plenty of experience with US college students as well as with local students and they are highly qualified and skilled to teach all language levels.

Along the lines of standard theories in Second Language Acquisition, Bilbao Colleges provides housing for learners of Spanish with a local host family in Bilbao to facilitate their inner acquisition of linguistic and cultural knowledge from a natural daily context and apartments with Spanish speaking students upon special request.

As for the learners of English, the courses will be complemented with family stays in the United States.

Where We Are

Our institution is located in Mungia, an upper middle class suburb of the Bilbao Greater Metropolitan area. There is a shuttle bus that connects Bilbao College with the downtown area in less than a 20 minute ride.

There are also other shuttle buses to Bakio beach or Plentzia two of the most beautiful beaches and surfing resorts in Spain.

Mungia has also a reputation for its safe plazas and streets with old palaces, and its friendly people, especially towards international students.


Our programs will seek to recruit students who are interested in learning or improving their language skills and social and/or cultural topics. Prospective students can come from any background and major and have any level of Spanish or English. Furthermore, we facilitate the implementation of Faculty-Led Programs and/or Customized Programs upon request.