About Us

Elsa and Friends is an international student exchange organization. We specialize in exchanges between the USA and Spain. Our Students range in age from 12 to 17 and have a demonstrated level of proficiency in English.

Our students come to the U.S. with a desire to immerse themselves in the language and to improve their level of proficiency. They are well-mannered and enthusiastic young men and women.

They are incredibly eager to experience the everyday lives of American families.

Where our students come from

Elsa and Friends students live in the Basque Country, a region at the north of Spain, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and France. It is defined formally as an autonomous community of three provinces within Spain, and culturally including a fourth province and a small portion of France.

Basque Country is known for its fresh fish, white wine called “Txakoli”, sandy
beaches and most importantly for its kind-hearted people.

For more information click here Basque Country.

Who can Host

There is no “typical” Elsa and Friends host family. Regardless of the size of your family, you can volunteer to host a Elsa and Friends international student. As a Elsa and Friends Host Family, we ask that you provide:

  • A safe and nurturing environment
  • A private or shared bedroom (with a host sibling of the same gender)
  • Three meals a day
  • Necessary transportation

Your international student’s parents will pay for all travel costs, program fees and health insurance. They will also provide your student with a spending allowance used for social activities and other expenses

Benefits of Hosting a Student

For some families, hosting an exchange student adds an exciting new dynamic to their family life, others love the new perspectives that students infuse into their homes and communities. TLC offers the option of full day excursions for host families at special rates.

You will:

  • Introduce your family to a new culture and language
  • Grow closer as a family as you help your international student to learn about your town and area
  • Practice hospitality and generosity with your own family
  • Support diversity and cross-cultural understanding in your own home
  • Increase cultural awareness in your community
  • Create an international friendship that lasts a lifetime

Contact & Aplication Process


    Ainara Aresti tlcainara@yahoo.com
    Nancy Giannini – phone:860 221-5074
    Plaza aita arrupe nº3
    Mungia 48100

Application Process

For more information give us your email or phone number and our Program Coordinator in CT will contact you within 48 hours.

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